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The Business of PhotographyChanging My Pricing Structure to Include PrintsErie Pennsylvania Family Photographer

Changing My Pricing Structure to Include Prints
Find out why I have decided that I will be changing my pricing structure to include prints! For the past few months, I have been feeling doubts about a few of my product and service offerings. The crazy thing is, I started feeling a need to change what I was offering my clients after welcoming Levi. I am witnessing this incredibly energetic little human growing bef[...]

Recap of 2016A Year's Worth of Memories

Recap of 2016
Another year has come and gone! As fast as it went by, you might think it was just like any other year, 365 days, but not quite. 2016 was a leap year with 366 days and so many of those days were spent making some wonderful memories. While it was a very busy year, I spent the most part of 2016 learning a lot about myself and what I could accomplish when I wasn't comple[...]