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To say that God works in mysterious ways would be a severe understatement. Let me elaborate…

At the end of 2015, I was seriously considering specializing in wedding photography only. I had spent a majority of 2015 attending workshops to learn more about photographing wedding details and second shooting for wedding photographers around Erie, PA. I loved everything about weddings! The look on the groom’s face when his bride walked down the aisle, the way all of the wedding details came together to tell the story of a beautiful union, and that loved ones traveled from near and far to celebrate the beginning of a beautiful marriage. I was in love with love! And I still am!

However, in early 2016, my perspective on specializing in weddings shifted quite significantly. You may have read a few posts back that my husband and I found out we are expecting a little one of our own. Of course, that news alone didn’t shift my perspective, it was the idea of spending so much time away from my little one that convinced me to make some changes. You see, I work full-time in the corporate world in a role I love. I’m lucky I can say that because I know few people that actually love working in the corporate world. But I truly do love what I do! At the same time, I’m running my photography business as a full-time business, as well. So, you can see where having two full-time jobs can be quite draining. Well, imagine adding a baby into that mix… that just sounds like chaos waiting to happen. That’s why I had to reanalyze where I wanted to take my business.

While I love wedding photography, I know that I want my business to be focused on the area that truly speaks to my heart, maternity and families. When I started my photography business, I was a live-in nanny with the most supportive and encouraging family. This family was the first to volunteer to stand in front of my lens for me to photograph. They taught me so much about the special moments that happen within our loving homes and often go unnoticed. This is how my love for lifestyle photography was also born. I spent so much time capturing the little moments that were not posed or perfect. They were the fleeting moments after bringing home a new baby and watching an older child interact with their new sibling. Moments that could never be recreated and memories that would be cherished for a lifetime.

I think it’s more than a mere coincidence that when I had been thinking of specializing in weddings, God had his own plan. Within this season in my life, I have had the opportunity to focus on my own pregnancy and this precious child that will join our family in September. At the same time, I know, without a doubt in the world, that I want to offer families the opportunity to record the special and fleeting moments that come with a growing family. Thus, I have decided to open a few spots to expectant moms for Maternity Sessions in Erie, PA. Limited to 6 spots, maternity sessions booked for May or June, will be gifted a lifestyle newborn session. So if you know any expectant moms, spread the news because this will be the only time I will be offering 2-for-1 sessions.

Erie PA Maternity & Family Photographer Dilia Cohen

Dilia Cohen Photography is a Pennsylvania Maternity, Newborn, and Family photographer who specializes lifestyle photography in Erie, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas including but not limited to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Buffalo.

To learn more about booking your Maternity, Newborn, or Family Portrait Session, contact Dilia via the Contact link in the menu, or email directly at DILIA@DILIACOHEN.COM

Dilia is currently booking Summer 2016 sessions.

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